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Residential Dog Training While Your Dog Boards With Us

Residential Dog Training, Holiday Fun with Training

Unlimited Free follow on lessons for your Dog's lifetime

Is it difficult to find the time to train your faithful companion? Do you find their lack of manners and ability to listen annoying?

Then let us help you and your canine friend not only understand each other but work better to allow you all to realise the joy dogs can bring to our lives.

With only a short holiday in our doggie hotel your best friend will improve his or her manners, discover the joys of following simple commands and learn to relax rather than spending all that excess or nervous energy creating havoc in your home.

Our Residential courses are designed to cater for you and your dog's individual needs and lifestyle. Course lengths vary depending on what each dog needs to learn, from our basic manners and obedience course of three weeks up to our advanced obedience course of five weeks. We even have behavioural training courses for those dogs that don't cope well with the stress of modern living.
At the end of the training you not only have the all important hand over lesson with your new improved best friend, you receive everything you need to carry on the training at home as well as our ongoing support and encouragement for the rest of your faithful friends' life.

So what are you waiting for, contact us now and start on the road to your new life with your canine companion.

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